svensson & linnér

About us

In 1914, Gustav Svensson started Svensson & Linnér as a family business, manufacturing carriage wheels made of solid wood. Since 2015, the company is owned and managed by Douglas Hoover, Alexander Marby and Stefan Jarbratt.

100 years of experience

During these past 100 years, we have accumulated and possess a large knowledge base which is used to help our customers on a broad spectrum of issues. Our knowledge of, and ability to manage, the entire production process of your product, from idea to prototype, through molding, CNC-works, sanding and joining to surface finishing, assembly and delivery is rare. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff always put the finishing touch their work. This guarantees products of the highest quality!

For the customers’ best

We work systematically with our customers continuously to create new products. Through participation and cooperation in the development of your product, we can guarantee quality, an optimal manufacturing process and that you have a partner you can depend on.

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