svensson & linnér

What we do


Molding plywood is our specialty. With an incredible amount of possible form variations, molded plywood is the material of possibilities! As is such, Svensson & Linnér is the natural product development partner.

Combining our knowledge, skills, flexibility and resources we are able to actualize and produce your ideas and projects. To assist the process, we use the latest CNC machines and 100 years of experience.


With our many years of experience and knowledge together with our customers’ ideas, we continually create new products. We produce both components (tier 2) as well as the complete furniture (tier 1). The only thing that sets the boundaries is your imagination.

The products can be used in furniture, shop furnishing, panel walls, cars, caravans or kitchens. Whatever is needed where our technique and our knowledge fit in. We work with many different types of materials, for example: veneer, solid wood, plywood, compressed wood, foil and plastic.